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Our Solutions

Remote MR (Medical Partner) services,
Remote MSL & Doctor-to-doctor conversations


Medical Partner System

Certified MRs from major pharma companies, comprising an expert team covering 50+ therapeutic areas.

Project Management & Consulting

Led by industry experts in pharma & med device.

Med X Tech

Your customer, Your data. Our services provide whitelisting, platform integration, analytics and data transfer so you maintain the connection to your healthcare professional customers in full transparency.

enTouch Story


Reaching doctors and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) via marketing is difficult. They are busy people. While HCPs value the relationship and information brought to them by pharmaceutical & medical device companies via medical representatives, national congresses, study groups and other channels, they simply often don't have the time to join the discussion. However, as a doctor and a 15 year veteran in the healthcare/pharmaceutical/device industries, I knew there had to be a better way. enTouch has become the “better way,” allowing HCPs to connect online with MRs, MSLs & other HCPs to participate in live discussions on topics and at times of their choosing, including evenings and weekends. In our conversations with our clients and with the doctors we service on their behalf, it is clear that the enTouch method will be the new direction in healthcare communication. Please join us in this journey.

Marty Roberts, CEO

Our MPs

Top tier, highly qualified Medical Partners.
N. Tasaki
MR license 10+ years experience
(cardiovascular, cardio allergy, CNS, diabetes)
M. Fujiwara
MR license 35+ years
(oncology, RA, osteo, allergy, CNS, circulatory)
A. Eto
MR license 30+ years experience
(gastro, diabetes, womens healthcare)
R. Uehara
MR license 7+ years
(cardio, CNS, RA)
H. Yamada
MR license 35+ years experience
(diabetes, allergy)
M Wakabayashi
MR license 5+ years experince
(stroke, circulatory)



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Our Team

Industry pros to make your projects a success.
M. Roberts
Marty Roberts
Chief Executive Officer
Tamaki Suzuki
Tamaki Suzuki
Director of Sales
Miyako Kurokawa
Miyako Kurokawa
Director of Product
Ishiro Shinohara
Ishiro Shinohara
Director of Medical Partners
Ally Ogilvie
Ally Ogilvie
Chief Technology Officer
Alex Auvaro
Alex Auvaro
Deputy Director of Product